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Current Exhibitions

Land and Sea
Bowls and Ceramic Paintings

Lotte Glob

from Saturday 19th September - Sunday 15th November

According to Lotte Glob it is the easiest - and the most difficult - work to throw a bowl:

The most elemental act in pottery is the making of a bowl ~ it is easy, challenging, a delight to throw on the wheel ~ yet extremely difficult to achieve the near perfect bowl ~ I have to be calm and let it flow like poetry ~ in my mind I see the shape ~ a closed bowl or a wide open bowl ~ depending on my feeling at the time.

Bowls go through many processes ~ you might have the perfect shape with an unperfected glaze ~ or a bad shape with a perfect glaze ~ or a perfect shape and glaze, yet with a slight imperfection ~ no bowl is perfect, apart from the bowl with a slight imperfection.

I cannot make just one bowl ~ like ceramic paintings ~ I capture within my bowls the land and the sea.

rough and smooth ~ wild and serene ~ calm and chaos ~ the contrast of life.

Passion is the key to this stunning work, created for this exhibition at the Watermill these bowls and ceramic paintings show a lifetime of expertise and an ever deepening connection to the earth and to the sea.

The images below are representative of works in the exhibition. Please see our online shop for daily additions

Or email gallery@aberfeldywatermill for details of other works of similar size or type, or for any further information.

We can also arrange a video call for a virtual view of the work available. 


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