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The Watermill Bookshop, Cafe & Gallery, Mill Street, Aberfeldy, PH15 2BG.

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Current Exhibitions

Land and Sea
Bowls and Ceramic Paintings

Lotte Glob

from Saturday 19th September - Sunday 15th November

According to Lotte Glob it is the easiest - and the most difficult - work to throw a bowl:

The most elemental act in pottery is the making of a bowl ~ it is easy, challenging, a delight to throw on the wheel ~ yet extremely difficult to achieve the near perfect bowl ~ I have to be calm and let it flow like poetry ~ in my mind I see the shape ~ a closed bowl or a wide open bowl ~ depending on my feeling at the time.

Bowls go through many processes ~ you might have the perfect shape with an unperfected glaze ~ or a bad shape with a perfect glaze ~ or a perfect shape and glaze, yet with a slight imperfection ~ no bowl is perfect, apart from the bowl with a slight imperfection.

I cannot make just one bowl ~ like ceramic paintings ~ I capture within my bowls the land and the sea.

rough and smooth ~ wild and serene ~ calm and chaos ~ the contrast of life.

Passion is the key to this stunning work, created for this exhibition at the Watermill these bowls and ceramic paintings show a lifetime of expertise and an ever deepening connection to the earth and to the sea.

The images below are representative of works in the exhibition. Please email gallery@aberfeldywatermill for details of other works of similar size or type, or for any further information.

We can also arrange a video call for a virtual view of the work available. 


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