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The Watermill Gallery by Zanna Wilson

The Watermill Gallery is curated by local artist Zanna Wilson (Zanna Steuart Fotheringham).

All enquiries and news about the Gallery can be found on Zanna's website, where you can learn all about her work as an artist, in addition to her curation of The Watermill Gallery.

The Watermill Gallery hosts a series of exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing the very best in Scottish art, and emerging talent


16th June - 24th September

New 2023 paintings by Zanna Wilson alongside glassware by Alison Jardine

Haste Ye Back

Zanna Wilson, Watermill curator and artist has travelled to her regular haunts of the Argyll coastline, the Inner Hebrides, memories of travels to the Outer Isles and also taken inspiration from close to home in Perthshire. Plein air work is a continuous tool to her in her practice and she’s often seen perched on a knoll with her box easel, sitting down out of the wind trying to harness the Scottish weather and wrestling with colour and texture to get all the information down. Studio work supports her plein air trips and the next trip is always in the diary to encourage the next collection. Since running the Watermill Gallery in 2021 these trips have become even more precious. Tiree, Lismore, Appin, Glen Lyon, the Crieff Road, Rannoch and smaller isles on the west coast with the occasional foray into the East coast has given Zanna an unwavering urge to paint and fill the gallery with images of Scotland; ‘Haste Ye Back’ is written on the sign as you leave Oban, her regular launch pad to the Isles.


For more information, visit www.zannawilson.com

You can contact Zanna by email at hello@zannawilson.com

Or follow her @zanna_thewatermillgallery