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In the Watermill Gallery we hold regular exhibitions as well as holding an ongoing collection of limited edition fine art prints. You can view the prints online.

Our Programme

Full details of all these exhibitions will be found below. Dates may change slightly so please check the website before planning a visit.

We welcome both collectors and first time purchasers, and cater to a range of budgets. If you are looking for something specific, please get in touch at

Current Exhibitions

Scotland's Treescapes and Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition

Saturday 10th Mar 2018 - Monday 30th Apr 2018

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Poul Henningsen - lightness of being 3 Design Show 2018

Saturday 5th May 2018 - Saturday 30th Jun 2018

Gallery Stock

Lotte Glob Ceramics: NEW gallery stock by Lotte Glob

Ongoing exhibition

Homer Edinburgh

Ongoing exhibition

Modern Print Masters 2017 - 18 Gallery Stock

Ongoing exhibition

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Gallery Stock 2018

Ongoing exhibition

Exhibition Archive

Kate Downie - Printworks by Kate Downie

Saturday 13th Feb 2010 - Sunday 28th Mar 2010

Scott Campbell, Toyo Ito & Angus Ross - lightness of being: the design show

Friday 2nd Apr 2010 - Sunday 23rd May 2010

Fourth Element II: Urban Art in the Highlands

Saturday 29th May 2010 - Sunday 19th Sep 2010

David Peat - Through the Looking Glass - Forty Years of Street Photography by

Saturday 11th Jun 2011 - Wednesday 27th Jul 2011

Kari de Koenigswarter - InSite by Kari de Koenigswarter

Saturday 24th Mar 2012 - Monday 30th Apr 2012

Tracks by Philip Hughes

Saturday 16th Jun 2012 - Sunday 15th Jul 2012

Tectonic - plates and tiles by Lotte Glob by Lotte Glob

Saturday 1st Sep 2012 - Sunday 7th Oct 2012

The Sea Folios by John Bellany

Saturday 25th May 2013 - Monday 22nd Jul 2013

A Strong, Gentle Presence: Nancy Fuller's pots by Nancy Fuller

Saturday 27th Jul 2013 - Wednesday 28th Aug 2013

Winter in Glen Lyon - Photography by Jamie Grant

Saturday 31st Aug 2013 - Wednesday 2nd Oct 2013

The Cloth - The Land - The Earth by Jane Hunter

Saturday 19th Oct 2013 - Saturday 23rd Nov 2013

A Brush with Burns by Elizabeth Blackadder

Saturday 3rd May 2014 - Tuesday 22nd Jul 2014

St Ives to Aberfeldy: Four Cornish Printmakers

Saturday 26th Jul 2014 - Tuesday 16th Sep 2014

The Lightness of Being ll by

Saturday 20th Sep 2014 - Tuesday 21st Oct 2014

Scottish Folk Songs - Emily Hogarth by Emily Hogarth

Saturday 21st Mar 2015 - Tuesday 21st Apr 2015

John Bellany Prints - Gallery Stock by John Bellany

Saturday 28th Mar 2015 - Tuesday 15th Mar 2016

Elizabeth Blackadder prints - Gallery stock by Elizabeth Blackadder

Wednesday 8th Apr 2015 - Wednesday 8th Apr 2015

Thinking and Making - Four Artist Weavers - Sara Brennan, Jo Barker, Carol Dunbar, Kusha Bolt

Saturday 25th Apr 2015 - Tuesday 9th Jun 2015

Travelling the Crieff Road - Zanna Wilson by

Saturday 13th Jun 2015 - Tuesday 28th Jul 2015

The Cloth - The Land - The Earth ll - Jane Hunter

Saturday 1st Aug 2015 - Sunday 13th Sep 2015

Lindsay Turk & Jon Plunkett - Between a Blink and a Breath

Saturday 31st Oct 2015 - Monday 30th Nov 2015

Lynn Pascoe - Into the Green Wood

Saturday 19th Dec 2015 - Sunday 31st Jan 2016

Shorelines: Summer in The Coorong by Ann Ruddy

Saturday 19th Mar 2016 - Tuesday 31st May 2016

Scottish Book Illustration

Saturday 4th Jun 2016 - Wednesday 6th Jul 2016

Meaning of Place by Philip Hughes

Saturday 9th Jul 2016 - Sunday 11th Sep 2016

Summer in South Georgia by Jamie Grant

Saturday 6th Aug 2016 - Tuesday 13th Sep 2016

Line and Rhythm: Line Drawings and Late Prints by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

Saturday 17th Sep 2016 - Tuesday 10th Jan 2017

Enough, and More by Lindsay Turk and Jon Plunkett

Friday 28th Oct 2016 - Sunday 8th Jan 2017

Gallery Stockroom Sale

Saturday 14th Jan 2017 - Tuesday 21st Mar 2017

Rockscapes Kari de Koenigswarter and Malize McBride by

Saturday 25th Mar 2017 - Sunday 14th May 2017

Royal College of Art Portfolio and New Print Acquisitions

Saturday 20th May 2017 - Tuesday 4th Jul 2017

North and South: Landscapes of Lotte Glob by Lotte Glob

Saturday 8th Jul 2017 - Sunday 1st Oct 2017

A Winter Journey- James Millar by James Millar

Saturday 2nd Sep 2017 - Sunday 1st Oct 2017

A I R: Space

Saturday 7th Oct 2017 - Saturday 17th Feb 2018

Where To Find Us

We are open seven days a week 10-5pm (11-5pm Sunday). Mill Street, Aberfeldy, PH15 2BG. 01887 822896

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Watermill Blog

Highland Bookshop Fort William

Posted: Tue 22nd Aug

Going West? The Highland Bookshop, a sister shop to The Watermill has just opened in Fort William. A joint venture between Watermill owners Jayne & Kevin Ramage and Lochaber author Angus MacDonald, it is the first dedicated bookshop in the town for many years. You can find out more on the Highland Bookshop Facebook page here.

Jamie Grant to open Winter Words 2017

Posted: Tue 31st Jan

Watermill Books author and photographer Jamie Grant is opening this year’s Winter Words Festival at Pitlochy Festival Theatre with an iillustrated account of the sub-Antarctic isle of South Georgia on the 16th of February. He spent the 2015-16 austral summer on the island as Artist in Residence for The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) and published ‘Summer in South Georgia,’ with Watermill Books in September 2016. Tickets can be booked via Pitlochry Theatre website.

Sunshine and snow

Posted: Sat 14th Jan

Life is good It's a wonderful crisp, sunny, snowy day here at The Watermill. The baristas are working to a soundtrack of mellow jazz and the coffee smells fantastic. People stamp the snow off their boots as they come in and either go down for a cup of something warming or upstairs for a wander through the gallery or set about having a serious browse among the books. A customer is in a comfy chair between the poetry section and Thrillers having a quiet read. Life is good!!

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